Norwegian Red cows

گاو نژاد نروژین رد

Norwegian Red cows

Norwegian Red cows


The Norwegian Red Bull was exclusively formed in 1961, and by 1975 it comprised the majority of Norwegian herds,in fact 98% of them. This breed is not in the list of popular breeds for export and abundance; however, there are approximately 280,000 of them in Norway, which ranks sixth in terms of production after Holstein, Brown Swiss, Short Horn, Guernsey and Eyrshire in dairy breeds.


Cows of this breed weigh 49-600 kg and males weigh about 900 kg. The rate of the breed growth is 1.4 kg / day. These cows are originally horned, but according to today’s breeding, it is genetically hornless.
Reproductive Features:
Pregnancy rates are high and are often praised as the most fertile breeds in the world.

گاو نژاد نروژین رد

Milk Production:

The average milk production of this breed is about 6000 kg but in the best Norwegian herds the milk production is more than 10,000 kg and with the best performance, the female cows can produce more than 16000 kg. The average percentage of milk fat of this breed is 4.2% and its protein content is 3.4%.


The dystocia rate of the breed is low and only 2% of the calves have serious problems and the percentage of dead calves is less than 3%. The popularity of the breed can be attributed to its longevity and disease resistance, both of which reduce the cost of replacing the herd, as well as a longer and healthier life. In other words, the cow has more time for lactation and pregnancy.

Other characteristics:

Some statistics show in Norwegian Red -Holstein cows are the most profitable cows in Ireland, crossing them with other breeds has great performance. Studies have shown that levels of fat and protein in Norwegian Red -Holstein milk is higher than that of pure Holstein and the pregnancy period is shorter in this cross

  • Average milk production: 6000 kg
  • Average milk fat: 4.2%
  • Average milk protein: 3.4%
  • Duration of pregnancy: 9 months

آرکاژن تامین کننده بهترین اسپرم از بهترین نژاد دام ها

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