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Holstein Friesian cow

The Holstein Friesian cow, shortly called Holstein in America, is a breed of dairy cows originating from the North Holland (Holstein Friesians) and North Germany (Schleswig-Holestein), known as the most productive dairy anima ... ادامه مطلب
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Shorthorn breed

Shorthorn breed   History: The Shorthorn breed was formed more than two centuries ago in the early 18th century by Teeawater and Durham cattle in northeast England. At first it is used as dual-purpose breed, both beef an ... ادامه مطلب
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Norwegian Red cows

The Norwegian Red Bull was exclusively formed in 1961, and by 1975 it comprised the majority of Norwegian herds,in fact 98% of them. This breed is not in the list of popular breeds for export and abundance; however, there are ... ادامه مطلب