Brown Swiss breed

Brown Swiss breed  

Brown Swiss breed



Brown Swiss breed is one of the most popular dairy cows in the world and is the second most productive dairy breed after Holstein. This breed comes from the Swiss rangelands and is a very ancient breed estimated to date back to 4,000 BC. These cows are suitable for the Irish climate and are bred in variable mountainous climates. As a result, hard ground or the warm weather do not make it difficult for them to enter America in 1869. The breed came to America in 1869.

نژاد براون سوئیس


The Swiss Brown cows are relatively large compared to their European counterparts, weighing about 600 kg and males 900 kg. This breed is a dual-purpose similar to Angus, Holstein, Hereford etc, but its priority is for milk production. The colors include gray, brown, bronze and white. The ears of cows of this breed are the most distinctive and are long, large and fluffy. The horns and muzzle are black. Being horned or hornless depends on farmer maintenance and preference.

Behavior Characteristics:

Brown Swiss cows have a very long pregnancy period. Males are prepared for successful intercourse at about 12-14 months and females at about 11 months (332 days), using a Swiss male or female for intercourse increases fertility by 25%.

گاو نژاد براون سوئیس

Milk Production:

Brown Swiss has a great longevity that reduces replacement costs in the herd. Maximum milk production occurs during or after the fifth lactation. The reason for the popularity of milk of this breed, like the Guernsey breed, is because of the quality of the cheese produced. The average protein content of these cows is 3.5% and their fat is 4%. Brown Swiss cows produce an average of about 10,000 kg per year annually.


Brown Swiss is highly resistant to disease, low somatic cell counts with strong mammary glands cause mastitis to be extremely low, strong horns and legs prevent health problems from occurring. The low number of somatic cells with strong mammary glands causes the mastitis rate to be very low. Their strong and stout horns and legs prevent health problems.

Other characteristics: Brown Swiss beef is also highly regarded because it is fully muscular and have rapid growth rates. Feed conversion efficiency is also favorable in this breed, and livestock with less feed days than their counterparts can achieve their optimum live weight.

  • Average milk production: 9900 kg
  • Average milk fat: 4%
  • Average milk protein: 3.5%
  • Maturity age for insemination: 11
  • months Duration of pregnancy: 9 months

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